05 February 2014

Two Things...

Two things...

1 - It took more than 9 years, but Doug is finally a Harry Connick Jr. fan.

2 - (this is more for those of you who know me and movies...) Doug just asked me, "Have you ever seen Independence Day?"

(oh doug...yes...i have seen it.  and seen it.  and seen it.  rinse and repeat.

and for sure he's heard me quote it...methinks he didn't think before he asked me that...)


Jaycey Elizabeth said...

But has he seen Secondhand Lions?;)

Andrea Barney said...

Independence Day has been my all time favorite movie since it came out and I was a little girl. I have it on vhs, dvd, dvd special edition director's cut, and blueray.
I also have it on my ipod, and the audio from the movie ripped onto my ipod so I can listen to the movie without draining my battery from video usage..

I'm not obsessed at all. ;)