07 February 2014

About a Boy

Friday night...it's late...Doug is getting caught up on the Olympics.

I am in the same room, but ignoring the Olympics...

Until, I think I heard something on a commercial and, in kind of a panic voice, I say, "Back that up!!!"  I cannot even think to say please...

So he rewinds...and finds the commercial that I think I just heard...


I am apprehensive.

See...I love love love love love this movie:

And then I love it some more.  Enough to not make the picture smaller.  Because I love this movie.  And if I could have it running here on my blog, I would...so you could watch it and love it too.

I may have it memorized.  Because it has been played the most in my car.  I listen to it over and over...I say the lines with them...I sing the songs...I bee-bop my head...I grin...  I have two copies.  Because someone borrowed it one time and didn't return it...and there was sadness...and my mother-in-law got me another one...bless her heart.  And then, the person who was really really tardy in getting my dvd back to me finally remembered they had it and gave it back.

I have listened to this movie from coast to coast...never tire of it...never will.  When I am an old cranky crazy woman, my girls can put it on a loop and I will be soothed and entertained....

I love this movie.

I got the book for a Christmas present because I figured it's time that I know the story that the movie was based on.

And now?

Will...Fiona...Marcus...they say those names in the commercial.  Yup.  It's based on the book.  Or the movie.  And I go to NBC's website...and I watch the videos...and although I like the director man...and although it says the guy who does 'Parenthood' is involved (and that show is amazing)...I am kind of sad.


It's been made into a sitcom.  Coming later this month to a tv near you.

I will watch.


Maybe I'll ask my girls to watch it and tell me if I ought to delete it off the dvr or if it's safe for me to watch.

Some things just ought not be messed with.

See?!?  I wrote 'ought not'!!!  I only use those two words together when I really mean it!!!


I'm not hopeful.  There's more skin in the one commercial than in the whole movie.  That's not what the story is about.  The story is about two lost people who just happen to save each other in a quirky friendship.  And the little boy in the tv show is not geeky enough.  Marcus is awkward and geeky and not cute.

That's what makes him adorable.

Will isn't needy and clingy about women.  He's cool...he's measuring his time in units and is too shallow to be clingy and running out the the street in his knickers.

Hmmm....I don't know that I like this idea...I may have to pretend that it doesn't exist so it doesn't annoy me.

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Jaycey Elizabeth said...

Oh no.

This does not sound like a good thing.

If the show sucks, you won't be able to convince anyone else to watch the movie!