15 May 2015

Flashback Friday

July 2006

Doug & Brittany

(they were investigating a closed logging road in alaska...here brittany was doing YMCA for me...)

14 May 2015

No A to Z Here...

So I go from blogging every day last month...to...


Actually, I hear frogs at night more than I hear crickets...

Not a lot going on here...ha!

There may or may not have been some avoidance of packing going on over here on my part.

I guess it's not as bad as I think. Because the basement is basically finished...just the treadmill, washer and dryer, and a few bathroom things down there. Well, the pool table, but that's staying here.

The garage is finished.

The guest room is finished.

The living room is mostly finished...I have a clock, and my piano stuff to wrap and box.

Our bedroom is mostly finished...

The office is almost finished...that will be finished in a bit...except for the computer stuff because I need those things hooked up until I'm finished with it for church.

So...bathroom and kitchen.

And hose off the tree stuff from the patio furniture...and take apart my hammock...and patch/paint nail holes (that's Doug's list...he'll probably finish his part before I finish mine)...

And find homes for a few things...like an office chair...the bunk bed frames...my armoire...

*sigh* I'm letting go of my armoire...

Take apart the puzzle table and shrink wrap that baby... Take apart the kitchen table and shrink wrap it and my chairs...

Get my church stuff all organized for the new president... Get my "Youth Talk" ready for Sunday... Get Sunday ready for Sunday (we're having our annual special 2-hour women's meeting for the final two hours of church)...

Figure out how I'm moving my big framed stuff...I cannot remember how I did it before... Did I just put it in the backseat of a towed vehicle? What did I do?

We have Doug's new phone and number... We haven't figured out what our new internet will be... 

We have been buying things in bulk because we were told to bring up as much pantry as we could...getting things that I will be needing before I head to Utah to see my girls...

And looking at our "stuff" and saying, "We have too much stuff..."

Learning that some things Doug won't let go of no matter what. Some of it makes me roll my eyes and other things makes my heart smile.

Learning that I'm not as attached to more than I thought, but then there's the other stuff where I probably make him roll his eyes and others (i hope) makes his heart smile.

Heard a nice thing on Tuesday that I will carry with me...she told me that she admired my spunk and fairness.

That made me feel good.

Dude last night (while we were doing the never-ending-getting-a-line-added procedure) told Doug that he had his hands full with me.

Whatever. I think it goes both ways.

Hmmm...I'm rambling...don't know how the flow is going...

Jamberry is going well...I need more parties for June...but I paid for my last Jam order with earnings, so that's good... I just want it to pay for my Utah trips... So, if you haven't had a party, have a party! We can do a 1/2 hour or 1 hour online party... Or an online game night party (think: Bingo or Clue)... Or, you can just order... But remember nail prep...and practice makes perfect, so if you need a sample to practice, fill out the form here... Otherwise, go poke around my website.  (that's a link there)

I'm going to miss having the missionaries over every week.

Like, really miss them.

And...no fireflies for me this year.

But, I will have Northern Lights.

Today is my last Thursday in PA. I will miss this place. I'm excited for our next chapter, but I will miss this place. It's been good for me.

09 May 2015

Want to Go For a Ride?

So...today was spent donating a truckload o'stuff...trying to find the right sized boxes for food storage, since we lost ours when the basement flooded last year...getting boxes from the liquor store for the kitchen...shopping at Sam's for Alaska...learning that I like sauerkraut on hot dogs...and then I boxed up some of the office while he took a short nap and then we attacked the basement and finished getting everything but the washer, dryer, and treadmill up and out. That was a chore.

And then...he turned to me and said, "Do you want to take a ride?"

And before he finished his question, I had said, "YES!"

So I changed my pants, put on shoes and we went for a ride.

And it was terrific.

No phone. No purse. No nothing. Just him and me and the countryside.

Smelled lilacs here and there.

Saw a little bit of wisteria.

Mostly, I just looked and felt.

I am so glad our life journey brought us out here. It is so beautiful it doesn't even make sense to my brain. I had no clue Pennsylvania was like this. I wish everyone would be able to spend time around these hills and valleys.

So, we're driving up and down and around curves...and it's just green...and all the creeks, streams, rivers... And I am thankful.

Thankful Doug is able to take off so much time at the end of his time here...he's a terrific moving partner...gives me hope... Thankful that my dad loved motorcycles and taught us to love them. Thankful that my mom loved riding with my dad...although, as an adult, I understand that more...no kids! It was just the two of them...

Some parts of the ride, I just stuck my arms out and smiled...

It was a good reward for a long day.

08 May 2015

Flashback Friday


LaNae, Mom & John

i feel safe saying that this was one of my mom's favorite days in her life...to be at temple square with her kids and grandkids...especially dan's older five, she missed them terribly...

01 May 2015

Flashback Friday

December 1992

Brittany, Kimberly, & Jaycey

I know...it's most likely a repeat...but there's 3 seriously awesome people here....I may have gotten a little carried away with Britt's hair...and I love how Kimmie was finished...she had her bink in her mouth and was turning to get off the table and Dave is holding her on...lol...good times....outfits by granny...

30 April 2015

Z is for...


i tell you the truth...my mind was not coming up with a "Z" topic.

other than zoann...

and my brain is too full of other things to properly blog about her...

so i google...

and i found a most wonderful blog post on indiatimes.com:
26 Beautiful Words from A to Z You Need to Use More Often

go check it out. their z word is zeal...which i don't have a lot of today, but that's okay. i'll let them cover for me right now... plus...they have some beautiful pictures to go along with their words...it's worth a click....