29 October 2014

It's New to Me...

Question #7: Tell me something new you would like to do.

Well.  Technically, this isn't a question for me.  It's a statement I wrote.  So, following that, you, my dear reader, would need to respond in a comment...feel free...

But, for the sake of my blog post, we'll just rewrite it to: What is something new you would like to do?

And the first thing that comes to mind is: relearn to swim!

Which I'll be doing come springtime when we open our pool.

So that's already taken care of... *knock on wood*

But then, there's the word "relearn".  Swimming for me will not be new...since I did learn to swim when I was little...but then a big scare went ahead and scared that whole skill set out of me.  Thus, RElearning...

So what is something new I would like to do?

I would like to take pottery classes and learn how to make plates, bowls, etc.

I would like to hike in the National Glacier Park.

I would like to figure out where to place pictures on my wall...that's a new arrangement since these walls are new to me...so...I guess I'll post this and get busy with my kraft paper and making outlines...hammer and nails...just diving in and doing it.  Quit thinking that they're permanently placed.

28 October 2014

Would You Rather...?

(first of all...we do not care for that "Would You Rather...?" game around here...)

Question #6: Would you rather be a rock star, the president, or the person who cures cancer?

Well...the obvious answer is the person who cures cancer....but is it really the answer?

Let's see.

Would I like to be a rock star?

Ummm....heck yeah!

When I was little, that was one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up...so...yeah, I'd like to be a rock star...

Would I like to be the president?
Ummm...heck no!

'Nuf said.

Would I like to be the person who cures cancer?

Let's get practical.

That would be a lot of math and chemistry classes that I have zero interest in taking.  And there would have been other classes where I'm sure I would have had to put a needle in someone and I have zero interest in that...  I'm assuming here that it's a doctor that finds the cure...  So, there would have been the residency hours...and I watch tv, so I know about those long shifts with little to no sleep...and seeing as how I'm dragging right now, I don't have any need for those kind of hours...  So, it would be nice to be the person who cures cancer, but...it's not possible.  I'm not making it through medical school at this point in my life.

So.  I'm a rock star by default!

27 October 2014

Deserted Island

Question #5:  If you had to live on a deserted island with only one book, one song, and one movie, what would you choose?

Hmmm...I do not care for these questions...because what if I forget about one that I really really like?  
So...off the top of my head...without overthinking it...

My book:  Before the Dawn by Dean Hughes

My song:  Kenneth Cope's recording of Come to Jesus

One movie:  Steel Magnolias

26 October 2014

Solutions R Us

Not really.  Solutions are not me.

Unless it's about your life, then I can come up with plenty.  And they'd be great!  I need one of me for myself.

Question #4: If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be?

Well...quite a few things come to mind right off the bat...but...one of the biggest things that I've learned the past few years is that Heavenly Father puts an incredible amount of value on our agency.  Our right to choose for ourselves.  He really doesn't interfere with that much.  I mean, I'm sure there's a little...he urges, he inspires, he whispers...but the ultimate choices are ours to make.  So.  That eliminates quite a few answers to that question.  Because...we need to stay honest when answering the questions, eh?

So.  Then what.  What problem would I solve...

I thought... LONELINESS!!!

That would solve personal problems, society problems, world problems...that would solve a lot right there!  It'd be a giant snowball!

Then more thoughts about friends came to my mind.  And I thought of Ebola, and how a quick cure for that would be nice..a readily available quick and inexpensive cure.  And then I thought of wars...and that would sure be nice if those would stop...  And then, a song started in my head...

So that's the problem I'd solve.  Souls that hurt.  Peace.  Forget the cake...let them all have peace.

Biggie, I know...so I'd just aim them all in the direction of our Heavenly Father and our brother, Jesus Christ.  Because it's the best direction I know to go to with anger, hurt, pain, anxiety, angst, loneliness, fear, frustration...and joy, gratitude, successes...

(in case you're wondering what's up with the questions...i ran across them while reading some blogs...these came from rageagainsttheminivan.com...she had 25 conversation starters for the car...so i am just using them here...to get back in the habit of posting more than just pictures...)

25 October 2014


Question #3:  What makes someone kind?  How could you be kinder this year?

Whoo boy...this is a loaded question...or rather, a loaded answer.  I'm not looking ahead at these questions.  Perhaps I ought to be so I can think on these before blogging...but...oh well.  This is what I started.  We'll just keep on keeping on without a long and deep thought process.

To the first part...what makes someone kind...

The first thing that came to my mind was telling my daughters it doesn't hurt them to smile at people.  So smile.  It doesn't hurt to say hi...it doesn't hurt to be nice...

It might not be fun...but it doesn't hurt me as a person to be kind.

When I am acknowledged.  A nod, a wave, a greeting, a smile, high five...whatever.  Just acknowledge my existence.  In a positive way.

When they remember something about me.  Shows they pay attention and put forth the energy to actually remember it.  AND...then they acted on it by letting me know.

When they go out of their way to do something for me...or just doing something even if it's not out of their way...  No one has to do anything for me, but how nice when they do...

Sometimes, it's nice to be given something.  On Wednesday, a lady gave me a late birthday present.  She said it wasn't much... I opened it and was delighted!  Still am.  I needed something.  This has been a long hard week...and I needed something.  This "little something" was just perfect.  And she didn't have to do that.  How nice!

Kindness is just being decent.  Minding one's manners.  Giving someone the benefit of the doubt.  Looking at a situation from their viewpoint, or if one can't, then just accepting that there might be another viewpoint...different doesn't mean wrong.  Kindness is learning that skill of empathy.  And using it.  Seeing the good in people.  Seeing the worth in everyone.  Giving without expectation of anything being given in return.

Just be nice.

The second part of today's question...how can I be kinder this year...?

*arm raised and waving*

I know!  I know!!!

Well...I can quit my griping.  I can just do and accept that I'm doing.  Be grateful for the life I have that makes it so I can.  I can just shut my mouth.

And make more cookies and bread for people.

Shut my mouth.  Bake.  Share. 

That's the basics.  I know where I fall short.  I try to be kind...but I can do better.  In my head and in my heart.  And shut my mouth.

Know what the really cool thing is?  I can completely go to Heavenly Father in prayer and have a conversation about me and my mouth.  Me and my attitude.  And he hears.  He understands.  He has a great deal of patience for me.  He gives me more growing opportunities than I like, but...that's okay.  He wants me to be happy...I just need to get in line with his plan...

And kindness is part of that.  I've been having the primary song going in my head while I've sat here typing:

I want to be kind to everyone for that is right you see... So I say to myself, remember this... Kindness begins with me...

Then there's that great commandment:  Love one another as I have loved you.

Jesus was kind.

Almost all of us can be kinder.

24 October 2014

Flashback Friday

July 2010

Touring RES as it was getting closer to being finished...

23 October 2014

Not Always...

"Thursday is a good day!"

That's the saying around here.

Today...not so much.

It's been a long busy week.  The busy part is fine...but I just want to stay home and take care of unpacking (okay, i don't want to unpack, but i need to do more unpacking...).  Tomorrow, I'm staying home.  For the most part.  *knock on wood*

So I wake up today.  And I'm thinking of my to-do list for this week.  And there's no way I'm getting it all done.  But I don't know what to put off...and I putter around and then head out...

But during those morning hours, I find out more family stuff.

And my heart is just sad.  And my eyes leak.

And I wish I could go back there and fix everything.

And I cannot.

So I sit here.  And worry.  And fret.  And talk to my older brother.  And ...  feel ... scared... sad... 

I hope.

I hope.

I hope and pray.