02 October 2015

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March 2013

Will, Dad, & Dan

26 September 2015

Flashback Friday

March 1991


19 September 2015

Flashback Friday

2 August 2015

Sean and Vincent

17 September 2015

What Does it Take?

What does it take to get me to the doctor?

Two days of feeling off...

Followed by 12 days and nights of misery and sickness...

To a husband waking up and saying, "Going to the doctor today?"



So he took me to the doctor. I had my sticky note with my list of concerns/needs, grouped into two categories:



And a question at the end: Why the hell do I catch every bug?

The doctor took care of my "Now".

Talked to me about my "Later" (i explained I needed to be held accountable, and if i didn't bring these things up, i'd continue not going to the doctor).  He's ready to talk in greater detail when I'm feeling better.

Prescriptions to get rid of this walking pneumonia and I have hope.

I'm going to get better.

I might get to sleep tonight.

That gives me joy.

He was kind, informative, and matter-of-fact.

I need good doctor experiences so I can just be a grown up and go in when I'm supposed to.

That's all.

15 September 2015


Just a whine...

But first, a ridiculous fact: It took me more than 2 hours to eat a bowl of oatmeal.

It wasn't a big bowl. It was one of those little steel cut oatmeal packets.

That's my accomplishment today.

I also aim to get a load of white clothes washed and dried.

I'd aim to do more, but...come on. It took me more than 2 hours to eat a bowl of oatmeal.

Now, to my whine...

I am sick.

And I am sick of being sick.

Do you know me? Sit down...because... I have not worn makeup, nor done my hair for a week.


Not even powder and mascara.


I have brushed my hair every day...I've even washed it a few times. But that's it. Air dry. Air hang.

My lucky husband.

I'd say this is going on 1 1/2 weeks now.

The nastiest cold/flu bug I've ever had.
*knock on wood*

I'm so glad I haven't had the throwing up part because my brain might have exploded.

I think I have bruised ribs from coughing.

I am so sore.

How sore am I?

When I eat, it causes me great discomfort. I think because everything is so sore from coughing.

Yesterday, I told Doug that I think I have a hernia now, that I coughed a hole and my stomach is poking through....he didn't agree with me...but, I thought it.

I want to go take a nap, but thinking about it causes me anxiety...because as soon as I lay down, I'll start coughing.

I am a little hungry, but thinking about food causes me anxiety...because when I eat, it makes me rather uncomfortable...

I have had naked nails for 4 days...because I'm not up to putting on new Jams...I put on a coat of base coat so I won't rip them off...but...naked nails...yikes!

Every once in awhile, I have hope.

Then I cough and it goes away.

I have to get better at some point.

I know this.

I know this.

I know this....

I want to go outside.

I want to walk to the water.

I want to watch my eagles.

I want to feel better.

I want to stop having pain from coughing.

I want to stop coughing.

I want to go take a nap, but I'm scared to...I've tried sleeping in my recliner, it doesn't work for me. I just get more tired and cranky.

Oh, Doug wants me to get better also.


Enough whining.

Back to staring at the walls...ceiling...

11 September 2015

04 September 2015

Flashback Friday

28 April 2007

Kim & Tim